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Clinical Nutrition

To help plan your CPD, this site was designed to outline all the education resources Fresenius Kabi will provide in 2023. There will be a mixture of interactive courses, plus both virtual and face to face events. The face to face meetings will be a series of presentations whereas the virtual events will be a series of case studies followed by opportunity to discuss challenges you face with experts in the field.

Learn with Live and On Demand Sessions

On Demand Sessions

on demand sessions

Upcoming Live Sessions

We are currently working with our faculty to bring you new live sessions

live sessions

Need further resources on Fresenius Kabi Clinical Nutrition portfolio?

Want more clinical nutrition content from Fresenius Kabi Global? 

View the most recent insights on how clinical nutrition improves patients' outcomes in the different clinical settings and the relevance of the appropriate macronutrient delivery.

Date of preparation: November 2023. IE-FK-NPR-2300148

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